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Want to succeed financially? 8 things to get rid of right now

 The mentality of the rich and the way they think or make money is different from the general public and the low-income people, and economists have confirmed that there are signs that you will not become financially liberal if you do not get rid of it

One of the most dangerous signs is to believe that hard work, diligence, and long working hours are enough to make you rich, and also to focus on saving instead of striving for increased income, because this misses many opportunities. Excessive purchase of things beyond your financial ability and energy is undesirable even if you are rich, and you have to set controls for your purchases, and if you are convinced of getting a steady salary, you are far from the world of wealth, because the rich depend on self-employment.

There are some pointers you can handle and fix; It will put your feet on the right path to financial success.

Saving is necessary, but you should not focus on it so much that you ignore the importance of increasing your income. The rich focus on intake is a priority during the early stages. So, if you want to get rich, you should stop worrying about spending and focus on finding a way to make more money.

Striking a balance between saving and increasing income is the magic solution. Millionaires enjoy multiple sources of income, and at the same time, they save smart.

2. You haven't started investing yet

The best way to make profits and make more money, in the long run, is to invest...the earlier you start; The results were better. Rich people invest 20% of their income each year, and for them, their wealth is not related to the amount of income, but to the amount of money they have invested and saved.

When you invest in something, saving becomes easier, there are dozens of banking programs that help you save by deducting small amounts from your monthly salary. This is a very simple first step to get started with.

3. I am satisfied with the principle of a fixed monthly salary

Most of them feel comfortable and satisfied with the principle of working with a fixed monthly salary, which is practically money for working hours. In contrast, the rich resort to the principle of money for results - that is, they choose to work separately and sell their ideas to others. Some people indeed get rich from the monthly salary, which is usually huge, but it is the slowest way to get rich.

While the most influential entrepreneurs become wealthy by starting new businesses and coming up with innovative ideas, the rest continue to hold jobs under the guise of guaranteed fixed wages.

4. Spend more than you earn

We live in an age of appearances, and the vast majority are not shy about taking out loans to buy the latest cars, and of course not forgetting credit cards and extremely high-interest rates. When you decide to adopt a lifestyle that is beyond your financial means, you will not achieve wealth at all, but you will find yourself mired in debt. Spending is a vicious cycle, you spend and get into debt and then increase your income and also spend it.

The majority of the rich did not spend their money on necessities or luxuries until they had made great profits; So you need to reconsider your lifestyle in case you are one of those people who spend.

5. Stay in your comfort zone

The comfort zone is fatal, it is the number one cause of your misery and failure in all aspects of your life. If you want to grow and become rich, you need the strength and courage to move forward and enter new areas that make you feel anxious, stressed, and afraid. Rich people learn early on that what awaits them is a constant state of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear of the unknown, and they adapt quickly, and this pattern becomes their way of life.

6. You don't have clear goals

Money will not fall on you from the sky, you have to work to get it. And if you are looking to turn what you have into wealth, you must have clear goals based on a logical financial plan. Most people fail to get rich because they don't know what they want, or they don't have a logical plan. Rich people stick to their plans and are not allowed to learn and discover new ways to multiply their money.

7. Install first, then save the rest

When a worker receives his salary, the first thing he does is pay what he owes to others, including bills and financial contributions. Instead of spending first and then saving the rest, take a different approach: Take 10% of your salary each month and save it. This is how you will find yourself shaping your life to match that cut, and in the long run, you will find that money is piling up.

8. You think financial freedom is an opportunity

Most of them believe that financial freedom is a privilege for those who are lucky. But the truth is that in any capitalist country, every individual has the right to become rich if he can offer what is of value to others. Do not drown in self-pity or a curse of luck, but rather be an optimist, and why not? how does he know? You may be one of those who will realize the ambition of financial freedom in the coming years.