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Discover the pros and cons of freelancing 2021

Freelance work is a practice in which a person works for his account and is not under the supervision of any employer, and there is no one to manage it except him. Freelancing can take the form of freelance work or owning a few different businesses. About the services, he can provide, and these services can range from financial assistance, related technology, content writing, employment, or any other service he has experience with.

independent statistics

Only 56% of small business owners have a college degree. The number of self-employed people also increased from 3.3 million in 2001 to 4.8 million in 2017, according to the Office for National Statistics. In the Netherlands in 2017, 31.3% of the self-employed said that their client(s) had control over their working time.

Most Popular Freelance Jobs

Uber or Careem driver.

English as a second language teacher

freelance writer

University Professor

Child care

Provide any kind of repair work


sell and buy

Care of the elderly


video production

music teacher

Social media consultant

career coach

cell phone repair

web designer

audio specialist

CV writing service

home delivery

The importance of self-employment

While there are many benefits to being self-employed and the first thing that comes to mind is to make money from it, there are many other benefits that you get from being self-employed, including the main ones:

Understand the true value of money.

Achieving high risk and high reward.

Self Employed Characteristics

Freelancing is not very easy, although there are many advantages to being self-employed, the responsibilities that you will have to take on will also be enormous. There are certain qualities that a freelancer must possess, the most important of which are:

It must be very flexible

It must be on your initiative

He must constantly look for and pursue opportunities

He can constantly plan for the future

Desire to make a constant and regular effort

Benefits of freelancing

If you work as an employee, you will always be judged by someone higher than you, and you will always be under the direction, but freelance work is for people who hate having someone responsible and talented enough. To generate a salary by selling their expertise independently, so freelance work has many advantages.

The freelancer makes his employer his boss and there is no one to lead them and impose unnecessary orders, so you can have calls and clients whichever suits you best and you can plan your business wherever you go. Whether it's your home, coffee shop, or anywhere else you can get to.

Freelancing provides more opportunities to earn money.

Self-employment saves its owner a lot of special daily expenses, especially if he works from home because he avoids long trips to the workplace.

Avoid getting up early for meetings and thus going for expensive lunches, but eat healthy and delicious home-cooked meals.

Avoid leaving children in nurseries or with a stranger to take care of them, as it is possible to work with them and provide them with appropriate care when self-employment comes through the house, which saves a lot of expensive expenses.

One of the main benefits of self-employment is that you can share your time with your family and career, and maintain a good work-life balance.

Self-employment allows for a variety of projects that can be undertaken. When you work in a company, your roles and responsibilities are defined and you are called upon to work within a certain framework. The structure does not allow you to explore other creative and innovative options, but independent work makes its owner more independent, and therefore you can choose new and stimulating projects that push you to innovate and develop yourself at every step, giving you job satisfaction.

Freelance work gives you lengthy explanations of why you are on vacation and proves your point that you are sick because you have complete freedom to choose your health insurance based on your needs and not based on it. This is for you

I decided on his own company.

Self-employment is not limited to certain clothes, especially when working from home, the only time you should dress up as a company employee is when attending a meeting with your clients.

Freelancing gives you the flexibility to set your schedule, so if you're not in the morning, schedule your schedule at the right time.

Freelancing gives you the flexibility to choose which client you want to work with and to avoid some of the older bosses who might force you to work on a project you don't want, as it is your responsibility to choose the right clients. . As an independent employee and not with another person.

The main disadvantages and disadvantages of self-employment

Self-employment requires the owner to pay taxes, but the taxes are two-fold higher than what you would bear as an employee of the company, and you will be responsible for filing your taxes on time.

Self-employment does not give its owner paid leave at all.

The freelancer is multi-tasking, works independently and has all the responsibilities of starting, implementing, and closing the project, and is also responsible for hiring other freelancers.

Self-employment is unstable, some days or months you will earn exceptionally well, while other times you may not receive any payments.

Self-employment makes its owner socially isolated, as there will be no social contacts or friendships that you can form in your workplace.