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Sell designs on the Etsy platform and get thousands of dollars through it

 Etsy is a site that specializes in selling handmade products such as jewelry, chains, accessories, and many other products, and of course, designs on T-shirts,

Unlike Amazon, Etsy does not sell any of its products. The idea of ​​Etsy is to give producers, designers, and artisans the ability to open their stores on the site and display their products for a small fee paid every 4 months. for each product shown.

The value of the product's offer for 4 months is equal to 20 US cents, and if we calculate, a year costs 80 US cents.

A profit margin of $4 means you can have a 5-year supply period for your product, and the profit margin you can earn by selling t-shirt designs varies depending on the material of the shirt and the method of printing. And we'll discuss this later in this thread, just enjoy the reading.

Etsy features

The site is relatively new as it was created in 2005 ever since

The site is visited by a large number of visitors who want to buy handmade products, including T-shirt models.

The display cost of the product is 80 cents a year.

The site takes a 3.5% commission on each sale, which is low.

You can sell your products from anywhere in the world without any problem.

The site targets the US market, which has the largest purchasing power in the world.

You can sell other people's products and you do not need to own these products.

The possibility of promoting your products on the site for free or by paying using the tools available to sellers.

The presence of free tools that help you analyze the performance of your store, analyze the desires of visitors, and thus the possibility of developing the commercial performance of your store.

You can sign up for the seller's newsletter and get tips to improve your store's performance.

Technical support is available to everyone via the phone number or email if you have any questions.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Designs on Etsy?

To answer this question and suppose we have decided to sell designs on t-shirts on Etsy, there are many types of products that we can sell, but for this question, we will be using t-shirts.

If you own the products and print them yourself, I can't know how much you can earn, but in case you have some exclusive designs and want to sell them, here we will learn how to do it and how much to profit. You are expected.

There are plenty of sites to print your designs, but the best of them are two popular sites that get your customer's order, print it, and ship it.

This may be a weak point that you will need a third party to print and ship the designs, but there is nothing wrong with that because I chose the two best sites for you that guarantee you the best quality and the least turnaround time. They are Printify and Printful