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Opportunities to work from home with a fixed income every month from my experience


1. Giving private lessons online

The development of technology has led to the development of the concept of remote work or working from home, as many jobs allow a person to achieve this, for example, a person can give private lessons if he has good experience in foreign languages ​​such as English, German, and Italian, and other modern languages, or has the competence to teach in one of the scientific fields, such as the field of science, Arabic or French, or the field of socialization.

Given the difficulties that married women face in working and leaving their young children alone at home without care, many women may resort to student education through work from home via the Internet or what is known as education. from a distance. Any educated woman can study online for the benefit of different age groups, after agreeing with them on a specific date for the course and the financial compensation that she will receive.

Before you begin this work, sit down a little quiet and organize your life by getting a clear picture of how much time you can devote to your business project, tutoring, and how much time you leave for your family. The point is very important for you to embark on your project with optimism and confidence, and may God bless you.

2. Consulting job opportunities

Who wouldn't use social media, whether for personal or business purposes, if you don't like sticking to set work schedules or can't get up early to go? For their work, so maybe it's time to embrace this site and give some advice because we know that as a mother who's lived and still has daily experiences with your kids, you know the aspects that work and the ones that don't in certain situations.

Based on this, you can consider advising mothers who are at the beginning of the road by sharing your experience with them and providing them with various tips and guidelines that will make you a reference in this field and at the same time help from other mothers. In this noble mission. You will be able to gather all the information you have and advise them during pregnancy, after birth, the first days of the baby's arrival, its different periods of development, etc...

As we mentioned some time ago if you have an advanced degree or major in a specific field such as law, accounting, medicine, journalism, etc. You can also work as a consultant in any of these areas and receive cases and help solve them for a sum of money.

3. Job opportunities in the field of cosmetology

It is known that women care a lot about their appearance and elegance, which is why they like to go to the beauty salon every week to take care of their skin and hairstyle. From this point of view, you can work in this field, provided that you have a talent in the art of beauty and barbering, and that you have good taste and creativity. You can then designate a room in your house that you do not normally use, thus staying close to your young children and engaging in a desired activity or profession that will bring you a decent profit.

If you are a fan of social media fame, you can create a website for your business without relying on the help of a programmer and without spending extra expenses or enjoying Instagram, the very popular social media in the Arab world. These ideas will allow you to hone your talent and serve you to later become a reference in the field to make your brand, your name and why not be the owner of your makeup brand.